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Dedicated to pioneering growth and setting industry benchmarks, ARN Holding leverages global insights to drive sustainable progress across its diverse ventures.

About Us

driving innovation and growth across industries

At ARN Holding, we harness the power of diversity to craft a legacy of progress. Founded in 2005, our strategic ventures across trade, real estate, hospitality, logistics, and education have not only propelled us to the forefront of industry innovation but also strengthened the economic fabric of the regions we serve.

Our Vision

To be the beacon of innovation and excellence in every market we touch, setting the standard for integrity, quality, and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To build a dynamic portfolio of businesses that leads the way in delivering exceptional value to our clients, empowers communities.


Pioneering Ventures

Strategic Insights

Integrity & Resilience

Our Businesses

Diverse Operations, Unified Excellence

At ARN Holding, our portfolio represents a seamless fusion of excellence, with ventures spanning from steadfast real estate to dynamic trading and essential food imports. Anchored in a commitment to quality and service, we’re focused on delivering outstanding value and nurturing expansive growth throughout the industries we serve.

Symbiotic Growth:

Strategic partnerships for mutual success.

Expansive Ventures:

Pioneering real estate, trade, and hospitality.

Cultivating Connections:

Beyond business to lasting bonds.

Innovative Spirits:

Innovative Spirits: Innovating industry standards.

Our Core Beliefs

At ARN Holding, our integrity, excellence, and forward-thinking approach define us. We stand firmly on the pillars of innovation, community development, sustainability, and leadership. These tenets drive our actions and underpin our dedication to delivering value to our stakeholders and contributing positively to the regions where we operate.


Upholding the highest standards in all our dealings, ARN Holding fosters trust and integrity as the foundation of our enduring partnerships.


ARN Holding is committed to meticulous risk management, ensuring safety and stability in our expansive portfolio of investments.


We at ARN Holding set the benchmark for industry excellence through our unwavering dedication to superior performance and client service.


Fueling advancement, ARN Holding introduces cutting-edge solutions and strategic ventures to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

ARN Holding Milestones of Innovation and Excellence

The Foundation of Excellence
ARN Holding 2
ARN Holding Founded

ARN Holding was established as a beacon of innovation and commitment in Erbil, Iraq, setting the stage for a new era of development and prosperity.

The Divan Era
The Divan Era

In 2018, the grand opening of the Divan Hotel signified ARN Holding's ambitious entry into the hospitality sector. This venture elevated Iraq's luxury accommodations scene, introducing unparalleled standards of elegance and service. Our foray into hospitality not only redefined indulgence but also became a hallmark of the region’s development and international appeal. With Divan Hotel, we’ve created a destination that celebrates grandeur and comfort in the heart of Erbil.

Pioneers in Climate Comfort

Experience HVAC excellence with AL ARDH AL SALBA, GREE's leading partner in Iraq. Elevate your spaces with GREE's premium air conditioners, backed by our legacy of over a thousand successful installations since 2009. We don't just sell; we partner with you for enduring comfort and unmatched quality support.

Navigating Frontiers in Hospitality
Dives Holding

Embark on a journey with Dives Holding, a visionary in the F&B and hospitality landscape. Founded with the ambition to redefine luxury dining, Dives Holding has crafted a portfolio of world-class restaurants and gourmet establishments.

Our Partner Ventures

British International Schools of Kurdistan
Strategic Investment

Strategic Investment Consultations

Join forces with ARN Holding for personalized investment strategies that align with your financial aspirations. Our expertise in global markets paves the way for your capital growth and security.